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Welcome to simple living simple cooking website.

"Simple living simple cooking" is a honest attempt to showcase simple tasty and quick dishes to the world and inspire people to cook their own food easily with enthusiasm. Home made food is always healthy and hygienic.

Main purposes of the website are:

To introduce Indian foods to the people of whole world:
Indian food is loved and appreciated by many people in the world, they may always go to Indian restaurants to eat delicious food from India. Many will think if they them selves know how to cook the Indian food, how nice it would be! So i have tried to explain what are the ingredients used in a particular Indian dish and how it is actually made.

To convey that preparing food is very easy and anybody can cook delicious food
Preparing food! many don't like to do, but they like to eat. Its not only because they are not interested but they may fear that if it goes wrong while cooking. So to convey that cooking is very easy when done with interest and particular methods, and there is no chance of going wrong as anyone can cook delicious food.

To help the beginners, bachelors and those who want to learn variety of dishes:
Yes nowadays daughters all also giving very much importance and they are not less than son to parents, many parents want their daughter to lead a comfortable life when she is with parents, so they take care and love her so much that they don't allow her to do a single work at home, so those daughters may struggle to cook when they get married and left alone in kitchen, so I take the opportunity to guide them in cooking through my website.
When I say bachelors, many guys stay away from parents and family and they struggle when it comes to cooking, my website will surely help those guys.
And to those people from different part of the world who want to learn Indian traditional variety cooking, here is my website.

To prepare food at home with the ingredients which will be always available at home:
As of my experience every home doesn't have expensive groceries. They just prefer to keep those groceries in the kitchen which they often use in their cooking and not much expensive. I am also one of those person who don't prefer to add or keep a stock of lot of ingredients/spices to prepare dishes. I always like to prepare food in simple way with less ingredients, less time but tasty recipes.So by exhibiting the recipes which is home cook friendly is also an intention.

To introduce fast, easy and simplest way of cooking:
When we some recipes we usually feel oh god! this recipe need so many ingredients, so much time , it is better I eat it outside or just skip making that dish. No not anymore, This website is very  much interested to show those dishes which is very fast to prepare, very easy to prepare and of course very simple. Of course when people request will try make a complicated recipe to a easy recipe and exhibit them.

To those career oriented people:
Many career oriented people whether it is ladies or gentlemen, who want to prepare a quick food and go to office and don't want to spend much time in kitchen, yes this website is surely for them too, as we always try to make dishes in a very simpler way.

To give tips on cooking, crafting and gardening concept:
To give simple and very useful tips on gardening, cooking and crafting which I am sure will be useful to all in one or the other time.

Our effort is successful when it serves the purpose of helping the people in simple living and simple cooking. When you look into our posts and share your experience through feedbacks, we feel happy and encouraged.
You can ask your doubts or  can also share your experience by writing us to simplelivingsimplecooking@gmail.com. Looking forward for your feedback and appreciation

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