Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Butter Naan

Naan is a north Indian flat bread.Naan is usually oven baked or in restaurants they use tandoor, a clay oven to prepare it. It is served with curries and gravies.I tried Naan on tava or dosa pan. it came out well. Soft from inside and light crisp from outside complimented each other well. Its very very easy and you will enjoy preparing it at home. When we prepare and serve a dish to the family and guests, which is usually available only at restaurants gives us immense happiness.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ghee rice/Kushka

Ghee rice or Kushka is a South Asian origin recipe prepared using Spices, ghee and  rice. Make vegetarian or non-vegetarian kurma along with ghee rice to have a amazing lunch or dinner.
I prepared ghee rice with chicken kurma and it was very tasty. Preferably use basmati rice, if not available at home, its ok. Prepare it with whatever rice u prefer.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Banana Blossom Palya

Banana Blossom is a very healthy one and it has lot of nutrients with rich sources of vitamins and minerals. Banana blossom has lot of health benefits  like curing infections, overcoming diabetes and anemia, anti-aging as of my memory from some article from internet. It has different method of preparation which everyone doesn't know and for sure many would have not even eaten it once. Try this healthy banana blossom recipe, This is one my favorite.One banana blossom will be sufficient for 4 servings

Chicken Kolhapuri

Chicken kolhapuri is a dish originated from a place called kolhapur of Maharashtra. The recipe is prepared using coconut, whole spices, lime juice, onions and tomatoes. If we can observe we use almost same ingredients to prepare chicken dishes, but the taste will be different because the preparation techniques will be different and that is why we get different taste from different chicken recipes. Hope you like this recipe.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Vegetable Saagu

Vegetable saagu is very famous in south India. it is a amazing side dish for Poori, Set dosa, Roti, Naans,Ghee rice, Jeera rice and other rice varieties. Though by looking at it we may feel it requires a tedious procedure, but it is very easy and simple to prepare. It do contain a lot of nutrients as many vegetables are added for the preparation. It is very old  and traditional recipe. Do prepare and let me know how it tasted.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Tawa Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori chicken is a dish which is very popular in Indian subcontinent. Chicken is marinated with yogurt and spices mixture.The marinated chicken is roasted in a clay oven called as Tandoor which we see mainly in restaurants. But at home we cant have a tandoor, so we use Oven. But all kitchens do not have Oven,so here is an idea for them to prepare Tandoori Chicken on tava or pan.We can eat delicious and tandoori chicken at home and enjoy with whole family having a quality time.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Chicken thigh chilli fry

Chicken chilly fry is a very simple recipe which can be prepared in just few minutes. It has very less ingredients. I often prepare this when this as we like this very much. Kids would also love to have this as it is not too spicy. Chicken will be juicy and has an authentic south Indian flavor.

Mutton keema Curry-version 1

Keema means a  traditional south Asian meat food. Keema curry is a well known recipe. It is prepared using minced lamb meat, which is blended with roasted gram, egg and spices and made to lemon sized balls.Keema balls prepared this way  is again cooked in spiced curry along with onion and tomatoes.It is a amazing curry to mixed with rice and eat. Most of the people also eat this as side dish for Naan, roti, chapathi and Dosa. The keema is also used as stuffing for samosa or kachori.

Spicy Lemon Pickle

Most of the time seen people use lot of ingredients and tedious procedure to make a perfect pickle. But making pickle is very easy and it will have more shelf life too. As many people asked me to make a simple pickle, I prepared the pickle and it was very tasty. Lemon pickle can be prepared with or without red chilli powder. Both the both the version is posted in my website.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Meenu Thale gojju/Fish head curry

Fish head is favorite of many people and I have seen them purchasing only fish head sometimes to prepare a tasty tangy curry from it. So here is the recipe for preparing fish head curry or gojju in Kannada. I am also one off those who likes fish head a lot. As fish head takes more time to get cooked when made on pan, and sometimes it becomes under cooked. it always better to cook it in a gravy curry or gojju. Try the recipe and you will love it.

Brinjal palya

Good idea to store left over chapathi dough is to wrap in a cover properly and refrigerate it. Next day if you are lazy to prepare breakfast, Quickly you can just take out chapathi dough from refrigerator to make chapathi. As a side dish you can prepare brinjal palya very quickly and trust me its a very good combination with chapathi or roti.

Mackerel Rava Fry

Mackerel fish is a very tasty variety in fishes. It can be prepared in a different ways and it still tastes awesome. We can use any fish to prepare Rava fish fry, i have used Mackerel. Rava fish fry is very famous in Mangalore and they prepare it amazing taste. I also prepared and it turned out very tasty dish. 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Chyote Squash/SeemebadanekaayiPalya

Chyote Squash makes a good combination for roti, naan, chapati and any Indian breads. The squash is chopped and cooked along with the spices to get very tasty subzi/palya. The description of the recipe is provided below.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Garlic pickle

Garlic is good for health. so why not try garlic pickle. I tried preparing the garlic pickle which is one of my favorite. The garlic pickle turned out be so very  yummmy and awesome. Very simple and yet so tasty. The recipe is described below, do try and let me know how you liked it.

Simple Bitterguard pickle

Bitter guard is very healthy vegetable, including it in daily food is very good for health. And it is very healthy for those having Diabetes. Preparing bitter guard all the day is not possible but when we make a pickle from it, yes it is possible to eat it daily. 
The preparation of pickle is very simple and yummy. The detail is provided here, do prepare and have a healthy day.

Bitterguard spicy Pickle/Haagalakai Uppinakaai

Bitter guard is very healthy vegetable, including it in daily food is very good for health. And it is very healthy for those having Diabetes. Preparing bitter guard all the day is not possible but when we make a pickle from it, yes it is possible to eat it daily. 
The preparation of pickle is very simple and yummy. The detail is provided here, do prepare and have a healthy day.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Kalmi kabab

As we all know we have many places to visit in india and in that one place will surely be Coorg. We Family went to trip for coorg and stayed in farmhouse. The farmhouse was in the middle of coffee estate. Our relatives prepared tasty dishes for us in the farmhouse and when it came to prepare the Kalmi kabab, This is how we prepared and the taste was amazing and yummy. No words to describe the awesomeness of the kabab. On a rainy day we enjoyed tasty Kabab.

Dal Palak

Dal palak is the recipe requested by people from long time and here it is. Easiest curry for a quick dinner. Dal is prepared in variety of ways in different houses. This is very famous dish in India. The Dal palak is prepared with toor dal and palak cooked well and blended.The details of recipe is described here.It is one of the great combination for rice.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Brinjal Tomato chutney/pachadi

Tomato brinjal chutneys are prepared in many ways and this is one of them. I tried it at home as a side dish for wheat dosa and it made a good combination. 
Chutney is a sauce in indian cuisine which can be a lentil chutney or vegetable chutney or tomato sauce or can also be a dip.
The detail recipe of brinjal tomato chutney is described in this post

Besan Chutney

Besan chutney is usually as Bombay chutney or junka. Its a very quick side dish for chapathi or roti and can be done very easily in just few minutes.The tasty will be yummy. The gram flour is cooked along with onion, tomato and green chilli using some quantity of water.
The detail of the recipe is described in this post.

Benne Dosa

Benne dosa is very soft and tasty to eat. It makes a yummy breakfast. Dosa is prepared in same method as i have earlier mentioned for dosa, but with little variations in ingrdients or in the techniques of making dosa. So here below mentioned the detail recipe for Butter dosa. Do prepare and enjoy .


Chapathi is not a tough dish at all, but until we learn it properly we cant do it perfectly. Chapathi will be very nice to eat if it is soft. To make soft chapathi easily I have provided the detail below. Trust me, even I found it difficult to prepare chapathi until I learnt and now its easiest breakfast to prepare. Three things to notice to get soft chapathi are 1. To coat the oil on the wheat flour granules. 2. To make a soft dough using correct quantity of water. 3. To cook one side of chapathi only once, turning around again and again and cooking makes chapathi hard.

Val upma/Avarekaalu upiittu

Upittu or Upma is a well known breakfast in india. It is prepared in almost all houses as it is simple, quick to prepare yet tasty and time saving dish. Upittu or Upma is prepared with rava as the main ingredient along with which we add onion, tomato, green chilli and  vegetables or lentils. In this recipe I have included Avarekaalu [val beans]. In south india we prepare this Avarekaalu uppittu and it makes the upma very tasty and yummy. The detail of the recipe is given here. Do prepare and let me know how it tasted.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Golgappa is a chat or street food in India, it is one such chats which is loved by everyone and no one can say no to this chat. it is immensely awesome, refreshing and tasty chat. when we are with friends we surely compete with them on who eats more golgappas and all can win, because no one wants to stop eating it... you also try and home and enjoy the hygienic chat at home itself...

Aloo Gobi Matar/Potato cauliflower green peas

Aloo Gobi Matar will be a very nice side dish for roti, naan, chapathi and also for rice. Very easy to prepare and it was very tasty too. This simple recipe is prepared as described below.

Asparagus/Shatavari palya

Asparagus is a very healthy and tasty say vegetable, preparing it in easy and  Indian version is what I have tried here and it was very tasty. Asparagus is costly vegetable but very good in nutrients. Try this indian version of Asparagus recipe. The recipe is described below.

Lady's finger/Bendekaayi palya

Lady's finger is a very healthy vegetable with  lot of nutrients. We can prepare lady's finger in a variety of ways, but when we need for roti or chapathi this is how we can prepare it in a easy and quick way. The description of the recipe is given below. Do check.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Hyderabadi Chaas/Buttermilk

Hyderabadi Chaas/chanch is very famous in Hyderabad and  taste awesome. Addition of ice cubes while blending the curd along with green chilli, ginger, mint, cilantro makes a cold chaas or buttermilk. It is also called as Masala buttermilk. I prepare this for my guests this summer and they feel so refreshing and enjoy each sip of it.

Cabbage Manchurian

I have read in some articles which says cabbage is healthiest of vegetables. Cabbage is usually used to prepare a side dish or curry. It is also used in preparing a chat like cabbage manchurian I prepared this for first time and it was very tasty and all loved it in my home. Hope some of you will definitely try this and like the dish.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Avacado Smoothie..

Avacado also called as butterfruit in India. Avacado is very healthy fruit. it provides all essential nutrients like vitamins, fiber, potassium and folic acid. It is used in salads and varieties of dishes. I have prepared a smoothie of Avacado and though its a heavy food it is very healthy and tasty.