Saturday, May 27, 2017

Egg methi fry

Hi, I dont know how many of you use methileaves with egg, but when the taste of egg and methi leaves is blended its an awesome taste.
Egg methi fry is prepared with boiled egg, onion, tomato, green chilli, methi leaves and spices. The taste was very tasty and I often prepare at home.The detail of recipe is described below.

Mangalore Fish curry

Fish curry , Mangalore is famous for the fish recipes and one of them is the famous "Mangalore fish curry". The people in coastal side prepares a very different and very taste fish recipes. I made a very small variations and prepared this Mangalore fish curry. It was so delicious. The recipe is very easy, quick and simple to prepare.The detail of recipe is described here.

Masala Egg Omelette Sandwich

Masala Egg omelette sandwich serves as breakfast as well as snacks in evening. The preparation of sandwich is easy always and the same with this sandwich too. Preparing egg masala omlette and just layer the strips of cheese  on the bread or  we can also use the grated cheese. The detail of recipe is given below.