Monday, December 18, 2017

Urad dal Laddu/Sunnundaalu

Urad dal laddu is a sweet recipe. This sweet is very tasty and its the favorites of many. This sweet is prepared with Urad dal, Sugar and Ghee. Very easy, very less ingredients and takes very less time to prepare. The complete recipe description is provided below. Do prepare and enjoy this tasty sweet recipe.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Potato Wedges

Potato wedges prepared by deep frying method. wedges can also be prepared on a non stick pan,oven or in microwave too, depending on your interest. Potato wedges is one of those dish which is liked a lot by kids. Very easy and quick to prepare. It was very tasty and yummy. The description of recipe is given below. Please try and let me know how you liked it.

Masala Stuffed Brinjal Bajji/fritters

Stuffed Masala Brinjal bajji is a tasty snack for evening or can be a good side dish with rice...its a tricky dish as brinjal should also boil well from inside and batter outside should not get burnt while deep frying it. The masala should also be filled in brinjal. The Complete description is given below.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Khara Boondi

Khara boondi can be prepared at home instead of purchasing from stores. The boondi is formed by the use of laddle with holes.It is prepared with gram flour batter, which passes through the hole laddle and deep fried.
khara boondi is more often used on bisibelebath and it enhances the taste of bisibelebath. The recipe is described below

Aloo Palak/Potato spinach

Potato palak is a tasty recipe which can be prepared in just 15 minutes. It makes a nice combination for roti, naan, chapati and also as a side dish for lunch or dinner. The potato palak prepared can be spread on toasted bread and prepare a yummy  sandwich. The recipe is described below.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Chicken Masala Dry -Sunday Special

Chicken masala dry is an excellent side dish to have along with rice, chapathi, roti or naan. The preparation of the recipe needs very less time with less ingredients which will always be available in kitchen.
It tasted awesome and yummy. I have used the bony parts of the chicken in this recipe.
The detail procedure is described here. Prepare and enjoy this yummy chicken recipe this sunday.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Potato Kabab /Aloo Kabab

Aloo /Potato Kabab is a very tasty recipe. It is prepared by marinating the cubes of potato in corn flour batter with spices.This becomes a very tasty side dish along with rice and sambar or also can be prepared for evening snacks. Definitely kids will enjoy having this tasty dish.The detail procedure is provided below. Prepare and hope you like them.

Blackeye peas fritters/Alasande kaalu vade

Blackeye peas fritters or called as Alasande vade in kannada language. Black eye peas can in used as dry or fresh ones to prepare the fritters. If it is dry the peas are soaked for 4-5hours and then made to coarse paste. If the peas are fresh can use it like that to get coarse paste. Usually addition of water is avoided while grinding. The black eye peas coarse paste is mixed with chopped onions,chillies, cilantro, garlic and ginger paste. Then deep fried to get the black eyes peas vada as shown in the image.

Tomato Soup

Tomato soup is a very refreshing one to start with the dinner or lunch. Tomato soup is prepared using tomatoes and carrot along with very light spices. 
I had prepared tomato soup using very easy method and it came out to be a delicious one.
Do try the tomato soup and let me know how did you like it. The detailed procedure is described below. Prepare and do enjoy.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Capsicum fritters/Bajji

Capsicum Bajji or say Capsicum fritter is a recipe very common in India. This is a very very tasty vegetarian recipe which is craved by lot of people. It is so delicious that we cant stop eating until satisfied. This is prepared by dipping  the capsicum in the batter of gram flour and garnishing with onion, carrot ,cilantro,light spices and of course salt.The complete recipe is described here. do prepare this easy recipe and enjoy as evening snacks or side dish for food.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Paneer Burji

Paneer Burji will be a very tasty dish to prepare. It makes a good combination with roti, chapathi and bread too. It is prepared with very less ingredients and very less time. The main ingredients used are paneer, onion, tomato and some light spices. Do prepare and let me know your opinions.The detailed procedure is provided here. 

Chicken in Coconut gravy

Chicken can be prepared in different ways, but however we prepare chicken usually tastes superb. I have tried here preparing a gravy/curry with chicken with coconut and other spices. The procedure is very simple, easy and quick. The taste was very yummy and I loved it a lot. The detail procedure is here, friends you also try and let me know how you liked it.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Jalebi is an awesome yummy dessert or say sweet from Indian recipes. Easy to prepare yet time consuming too. The jalebis are prepared using all purpose flour/maida flour and curd, along with baking powder/soda to make it ferment. The batter is then fried in ghee or oil and dipped in sugar syrup.The detail of the recipe is provided below.

Carrot Halwa

Carrot Halwa is one of the famous dessert in asian countries especially in India. It is prepared with Grated carrot, Sugar, Milk, Khoya and dry fruits.The preparation takes more time and the dessert will be awesome. The detail of recipe is provided below, do prepare it and let me know how it tasted.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Paani Puri Chat

Paani Puri is a famous chat in south india. It is similar to Golgappa, but the way of presenting the recipe along with variations in ingredients is different. This will be very very tasty and yummiest. Couldn't stop with few... The detail of preparation paani puri is provided below.

French toast

French toast is prepared with eggs, bread slices, cinnamon powder, salt, milk and maple syrup. I have done some variation to use ingredients available at home as maple syrup will not be available in all homes. Avoided using cinnamon as I dont like cinnamon with bread, so if anyone likes to add can add it for sure. The detail of recipe is provided below.

Rajma Gravy with Potato and meal maker

Rajma is one of the favorite lentil in  north indian recipes.  The rajma or kidney beans are very healthy and its good to include in our meals once in a while. Rajma Gravy was prepared using Kidney beans, Potato, Soyabean chunks/ meal maker and coconut spicy gravy. The rajma gravy can be served with rice or roti or any indian bread like chapathi, pulka, naan, kulcha too.The detailed recipe is provided in this post.

Custard Fruit salad

Fruit salad can be prepared with different flavors of custard powder like mango, strawberry, vanilla and many more. I used Vanilla flavor which is my favorite and also added mango pulp concentrate to enhance the taste. This dessert needs just some fruits, sugar , custard powder, mix it well and enjoy with Ice cream.

Sunday, August 27, 2017


Dal is a very delicious recipe along with rice.Making a tasty and simple dal is very easy. Mainly for those beginners to learn cooking can start from this basics.Perfect recipe for kids as the dal will be very tasty but not spicy. It is prepared with toor dal and spices. The description to prepare is provided below.

Moong dal curry

Moong dal curry is a tasty recipe prepared using moong dal. It is famous in Asian countries, The flavors vary as the places varies. 
It is prepared with boiled moong dal , onion, green chillies and ginger. I have not added coconut while i prepared it but adding grated coconut to the recipe enhances the taste. The description is provided below. Do prepare and let me know how you liked it.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Paneer Roast

Paneer roast is similar to paneer tikka. The paneer is marinated well with spices and fried on a pan to get this amazing , tasty and yummy paneer roast.I just tried and found it really wonderful taste. This can be prepared as side dish or snacks for all at home in the evening. Just try and let me know how you liked them.The description of the recipe is provided below.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Quail Egg Omelette

Quail egg is very small in size, but as they say in many articles it is very healthy. Just made an omelette as same as a hen egg. It tasted good. If you get quail eggs try it as an omlette too. Usually quail eggs are used to make curries and also used to decorate biryanis.

Drumstick leaves curry kerala style

Muringayila curry or Drumstick leaves is the recipe prepared in kerala style. I have made little variation while preparing. It tasted yummy,hope you all like it. Drumsticks leaves are very healthy and rich in minerals and vitamins.The recipe is very quickly and easily prepared.Good combination with rice. Many of them have prepared this recipe and said it is very tasty. The detailed description is provided below.

Nuggekaayi Saaru/Drumstick curry

Drumstick curry or sambar is very famous in south India for its amazing taste. Drumstick boiled and added to flavorful spicy sambar powder along with dal makes it yummy. It is a great combination for rice and ragi ball. In hotels along with idli chutney or masala dosa , they serve drumstick sambar too. The complete recipe to prepare this awesome sambar or curry is described below. 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Paneer Butter masala

Paneer Butter Masala is one of the favourite recipe all over india and some of the asian countries. The recipe is simple yet so tasty.
The main ingredient of paneer butter masala is paneer along with tomato puree, onion and other indian spices. This makes a good combination with Naan, roti, Chapati, kulcha and many more indian breads. The complete recipe is described in this post.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Egg methi fry

Hi, I dont know how many of you use methileaves with egg, but when the taste of egg and methi leaves is blended its an awesome taste.
Egg methi fry is prepared with boiled egg, onion, tomato, green chilli, methi leaves and spices. The taste was very tasty and I often prepare at home.The detail of recipe is described below.

Mangalore Fish curry

Fish curry , Mangalore is famous for the fish recipes and one of them is the famous "Mangalore fish curry". The people in coastal side prepares a very different and very taste fish recipes. I made a very small variations and prepared this Mangalore fish curry. It was so delicious. The recipe is very easy, quick and simple to prepare.The detail of recipe is described here.

Masala Egg Omelette Sandwich

Masala Egg omelette sandwich serves as breakfast as well as snacks in evening. The preparation of sandwich is easy always and the same with this sandwich too. Preparing egg masala omlette and just layer the strips of cheese  on the bread or  we can also use the grated cheese. The detail of recipe is given below.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Egg Masala Curry

Egg masala curry is prepared with boiled eggs in spicy curry. This recipe tastes like biryani egg curry as we add more spices and curd. I tried it recently and it turned to be a yummy biryani egg curry which made a good combination for poori, roti, chapathi and rice too. Also as a side dish.
This is a very simple curry to prepare with egg. The detailed recipe is given below.

Avarekaalu Huli/ Surti papdi /Fresh Val papdi sambar

 Avarekaalu huli/curry is usually prepared in all homes of karnataka, India. The recipe is very simple, easy, quick and yet so tasty. Avarekaalu is called as val beans. Val is used to prepare variety of dishes which will be awesome. This curry makes a good combination for rice and ragi ball. I also like to eat roti or chapthi in this curry. The detail of recipe is described below.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Oats Chicken Kabab -yummy yummy!

Oats Chicken kabab is an excellent tasty recipe. Prepared the chicken kabab along with oats and it turned out to be a very tasty, yummy dish. Most of the people know how to prepare kabab with chicken or fish or mutton. The procedure is same as that of usual kabab and the only extra ingredient will be oats. I prepared with oats chicken kabab and had great time eating it with family. Why dont you all give it a try!
The description of detail recipe is provided below, prepare and do say how it tasted.

Sprouts fry

Sprouts usli or talimpu is a healthy and easy recipe to make. The taste will also be very good. the green gram sprouts are used in this recipe and fried with onion, green chilli, tomato. As we all know sprouts may be of green gram, horse gram, chana will always be healthy. If side dish is needed along with rice and sambar or rasam, this talimpu or usli will make a great combination. The recipe is described below in detail.It will be good to serve with jowar roti also.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Potato, Chickpeas & Jackfruit seeds Gravy

This gravy or curry is prepared with potato, chickpeas, jackfruit seeds along with spices and curd. This is similar to Rajma masala or channa masala.
I tried adding potato and jackfruit seeds to it and it made a good combination. The detail recipe is described below.
This makes a good side dish for chapathi, roti and poori

Lady's finger/Bendekaayi saaru

Bendekaayi Huli or sambar is prepared using lady's finger/bendekaayi/bindi. The vegetable is dry fried to remove the slime and then cooked in curry. It is a good combination for rice, ragi ball as well as roti. Very easy to prepare and very tasty too.

Avarekaalu Uppusaaru

Avarekaalu or val papdi is the main ingredient in the recipe. Avarekaalu uppusaaru is a karnataka traditional recipe served with Ragi mudde. The taste will be so nice that we start drinking the saaru a lot. It is also a good combination for rice. Southern karnataka people prepare it a lot as of my knowledge. Others can try it is tasty, easy and quick recipe.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Happy Shri Rama navami to all. Paanaka is a juice/beverage prepared using cantaloupe [Karbooja fruit] and Jaggery. Paanaka is prepared in South india during a festival called as 'Shri Rama Navami'. Along with Paanaka, we also prepare Butter milk and Kosambari [a salad of moong dal and cucumber]. Paanaka will be very tasty, healthy and refreshing beverage.
The detail of the recipe is described below.

Butter milk

Butter milk is well known to all. It is a refreshing and healthy beverage for the summer. The recipe is very simple. Buttermilk for sure is favorite of many people around as it is having a refreshing taste. We can prepare plain butter milk as well as masala butter milk.The recipe of plain butter milk  is described below. Butter milk is prepared in drums during summer on 'Rama navami' festival in India and distributed to the people to beat the heat of summer. Along with buttermilk, we also prepare Paanaka and Kosambari.

Blackeye peas curry

Black eye peas curry or Alasande kaalu Saaru is a tasty curry for rice. It is very easy and quick to prepare. The recipe includes black eye peas boiled in a gravy of light spices. we prepare it often in our home, the black eye peas are very healthy lentils.The detail of recipe is described below.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Tender Jackfruit roast

Jackfruit is rich source of vitamins and minerals. It is very healthy and tasty too. The raw or tender jackfruit can be used in making curry, stir fry/palya, fritters/bajji and also a roast. It makes a good side dish for the food. Tender jackfruit is marinated with a good amount of spices and shallow fried on a non stick pan. We often make it in our home as a side dish along with rice and curry. Make it in your home too as it is tasty and healthy too. The detail of the recipe is described below.

Drumstick leaves Pakoda

Drumstick leaves is very healthy. Leaves have vitamins, carbohydrates, iron, protien, minerals and calcium.Drumstick leaves recipes gives your family a healthy dish and also increases the immunity. Most of the people like drumstick leaves. This leaves can be used to make curry, coconut curry, palya/stir fry, for egg burji and also to make
fritters/pakoda. For those who dont like to eat drumstick leaves, you can just make it as pakoda and give so that they can enjoy the fritters with drumstick leaves.The detail of recipe is given below.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Brinjal Yennegai/Gutthi vankayi koora/Badhanekaayi yennegai

Gutti Vankaaya Koora/Brinjal/Badanekaayi yennegai is an excellent taste gravy for roti, rice, chapathi or mudde[Ragi or sorghum flour ball]. This dish is prepared using Brinjals. Brinjal is filled with  spicy gravy masala and shallow cooked in oil. Adding potato gives good consistency to the gravy and enhances the taste.
The Recipe is described in detail. Do prepare and enjoy an excellent tasty dish in just 30 min.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Rajma Masala

Posting Rajma masala on request by many who follow my recipes. Rajma Masala is a side dish for roti, a very famous recipe of north India. Rajma is the red kidney beans. The gravy is prepared using cooked rajma and spices. It is a great combination for roti, chapathi , naan or kulcha. Preparing the rajma masala is easy yet simple.
The details of recipe is described here. Prepare and let me know how did you like it.

Akki Roti/Rice flour Roti

Akki roti/Rice flour Roti is a famous dish in coastal areas of Karnataka. Usually the people of coastal areas have rice roti along with chutney or fish curry or chicken curry. They enjoy the rice roti even if it given continuously for breakfast.The rice roti is prepared in different ways. One of them is described in this recipe.


Poha/Avalakki is a easy breakfast. It is prepared using puffed rice along with onion, green chilli, tomato and vegetables. vegetables is optional. When its very urgent to prepare breakfast you can opt for Poha as it can be prepared in just 5 min, but if we add vegetables we should spend some time in cooking the vegetables. Easy, time saving and tasty breakfast. It is much famous in North Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. The detail of the recipe is described here. 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Ugadi Pachadi

Happy Ugadi festival to all. Ugadi is an indian festival and considered as new year day for all Hindus in some of the south states mainly for the people of Karnataka, Andhrapradesh and Telangana. Celebrated in different states in various ways with different names. People wear new clothes, decorate the houses, draw rangolis in front of the house and do pooja to the god.On the festival day we prepare Ugadi pachadi -The combination of six different tastes: Sweet, salty, bitter, tangy, spicy and sour,which indicates the different faces of life. 

Potato fritters/Aloo Bonda:

 Aloo Bonda or potato fritters is famous indian snacks and favourite of alomost all. Potato fritters when served with pudina chutney is an awesome combination. It is sometimes prepared as breakfast or as snacks in the evening or as side dish for food or as street food. The taste will be yummy. The potato masala dumplings are dipped  one by one in gram flour batter and deep fried in oil. The recipe is very simple and quick to prepare.

Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa is a very famous dish from India.The dosa is prepared in different countries in their own way and different recipe.The masala dosa is very tasty breakfast which all would like to eat.A single masala dosa is too costly in restaurants and hotels.Instead of buying from outside it can be easily prepared at home. Dosa is prepared using soaked and fermented rice and lentils.The masala is prepared using potato.The two types of chutney is prepared one to spread on dosa and one to eat along with dosa.

Vegetable Pulav

Vegetable pulav is one of the variety for breakfast or dinner in some of the asian countries. This will be very tasty. The pulav can also be prepared with less spices if you don't like heavy spices. The rice is cooked along with vegetables and spices in a cooker. Many of you asked the recipe for vegetable pulav to prepare in simple and easy way. Please do check the recipe details below. Prepare and do let me know how it tasted.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Brinjal Chutney/Pachadi

Brinjal chutney or pachadi is famous recipe in Andhrapradesh. It is a very refreshing and tasty recipe to enjoy as a side dish with food. It is prepared using brinjal , tomato, cilantro, green chilli and garlic. This also makes a very good combination for chapathi or jowar roti. The detail recipe is provided, do prepare and enjoy.

Red chutney

Red chutney-Since the chutney is red we call it red chutney. It is prepared using red chilli, salt, garlic, ginger, cumin seeds and roasted gram. The red chutney is used to spread on dosa to make masala dosa. Compared to plain dosa the Masala dosa is very famous in all hotels or restaurants in india. It will be favourite breakfast for most of the people. The recipe is very simple and preparation time is too less.