Sunday, April 30, 2017

Egg Masala Curry

Egg masala curry is prepared with boiled eggs in spicy curry. This recipe tastes like biryani egg curry as we add more spices and curd. I tried it recently and it turned to be a yummy biryani egg curry which made a good combination for poori, roti, chapathi and rice too. Also as a side dish.
This is a very simple curry to prepare with egg. The detailed recipe is given below.

Avarekaalu Huli/ Surti papdi /Fresh Val papdi sambar

 Avarekaalu huli/curry is usually prepared in all homes of karnataka, India. The recipe is very simple, easy, quick and yet so tasty. Avarekaalu is called as val beans. Val is used to prepare variety of dishes which will be awesome. This curry makes a good combination for rice and ragi ball. I also like to eat roti or chapthi in this curry. The detail of recipe is described below.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Oats Chicken Kabab -yummy yummy!

Oats Chicken kabab is an excellent tasty recipe. Prepared the chicken kabab along with oats and it turned out to be a very tasty, yummy dish. Most of the people know how to prepare kabab with chicken or fish or mutton. The procedure is same as that of usual kabab and the only extra ingredient will be oats. I prepared with oats chicken kabab and had great time eating it with family. Why dont you all give it a try!
The description of detail recipe is provided below, prepare and do say how it tasted.

Sprouts fry

Sprouts usli or talimpu is a healthy and easy recipe to make. The taste will also be very good. the green gram sprouts are used in this recipe and fried with onion, green chilli, tomato. As we all know sprouts may be of green gram, horse gram, chana will always be healthy. If side dish is needed along with rice and sambar or rasam, this talimpu or usli will make a great combination. The recipe is described below in detail.It will be good to serve with jowar roti also.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Potato, Chickpeas & Jackfruit seeds Gravy

This gravy or curry is prepared with potato, chickpeas, jackfruit seeds along with spices and curd. This is similar to Rajma masala or channa masala.
I tried adding potato and jackfruit seeds to it and it made a good combination. The detail recipe is described below.
This makes a good side dish for chapathi, roti and poori

Lady's finger/Bendekaayi saaru

Bendekaayi Huli or sambar is prepared using lady's finger/bendekaayi/bindi. The vegetable is dry fried to remove the slime and then cooked in curry. It is a good combination for rice, ragi ball as well as roti. Very easy to prepare and very tasty too.

Avarekaalu Uppusaaru

Avarekaalu or val papdi is the main ingredient in the recipe. Avarekaalu uppusaaru is a karnataka traditional recipe served with Ragi mudde. The taste will be so nice that we start drinking the saaru a lot. It is also a good combination for rice. Southern karnataka people prepare it a lot as of my knowledge. Others can try it is tasty, easy and quick recipe.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Happy Shri Rama navami to all. Paanaka is a juice/beverage prepared using cantaloupe [Karbooja fruit] and Jaggery. Paanaka is prepared in South india during a festival called as 'Shri Rama Navami'. Along with Paanaka, we also prepare Butter milk and Kosambari [a salad of moong dal and cucumber]. Paanaka will be very tasty, healthy and refreshing beverage.
The detail of the recipe is described below.

Butter milk

Butter milk is well known to all. It is a refreshing and healthy beverage for the summer. The recipe is very simple. Buttermilk for sure is favorite of many people around as it is having a refreshing taste. We can prepare plain butter milk as well as masala butter milk.The recipe of plain butter milk  is described below. Butter milk is prepared in drums during summer on 'Rama navami' festival in India and distributed to the people to beat the heat of summer. Along with buttermilk, we also prepare Paanaka and Kosambari.

Blackeye peas curry

Black eye peas curry or Alasande kaalu Saaru is a tasty curry for rice. It is very easy and quick to prepare. The recipe includes black eye peas boiled in a gravy of light spices. we prepare it often in our home, the black eye peas are very healthy lentils.The detail of recipe is described below.