Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Blackeyes peas Rasam/Alasande Rasam

Alasandekaalu is black eye peas. The stew of black eye peas is used to prepare the rasam or curry. The stew is boiled with tomato puree, spices and garlic to get a fantastic rasam or soup or curry. The rasam is added to the Rice and the boiled black eye peas is made as sundal/ Usali. The combination of three makes a perfect lunch or dinner.This is one of my favorite, hope you all like it once you prepare.

Chicken Rogan Josh

Rogan josh is a Kashmiri cuisine, which is usually prepared using lamb meat. I have tried the same recipe using by replacing lamb meat with chicken pieces. This is very easy and simple to prepare yet tastes awesome and amazing. The detailed recipe is provided below. Hope all of you prepare and enjoy the yummy Chicken Rogan Josh.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Black Chana/Kadalekaalu Usli

Chana sundal or usli is a refreshing one. It is prepared with boiled black chana / kadlekaalu. It is well known recipe and very tasty one too. The kids like it very much too. It can be a ood evening snack or side dish along with lunch or dinner. The recipe is described below.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Aloo Puri

Aloo puri is a Indian chat which everyone loves to eat and its taste is awesome.Instead of spending lot of money on just a plate of Aloo puri chat, It can be prepared at home and enjoy with whole family. It is puri filled with boiled potato, spicy gravy and garnished with green peas, onion, tomato, cilantro and sev

Shavigey Uppittu/Semiya Upma

Shavigey upittu is prepared with Vermicelli Semiya, onion , green chillis ,tomato and light spices. This also falls in category of a very quick breakfast and kids loves it too.We can prepare this breakfast in just 10 minutes. The recipe details is given below

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Garlic rice

Garlic rice is a refreshing breakfast and taste is really good. It is just 5 minutes work if there is cooked rice at home. And in urgency we can prepare this breakfast or can cook the rice at night and prepare garlic rice in just 5 minutes for breakfast. I had prepared this for my guests and friends too , all liked it and took the recipe to prepare at their houses. The detail of recipe is provided further.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Bisibele bath

Bisibele bath is very famous breakfast in karnataka. The rice and dal is mixed with spices and cooked well to get a coarse textured, soupy type of dish. This is very tasty and loved by everyone who eats it. Boondi or chips is a good combination for bisibele bath but with that also bisibelebath can be eaten and tastes amazing. The detailed recipe is described below.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Chicken Kabab

Chicken Kabab is a very tasty recipe. It is prepared by marinating chicken pieces with a mixture of corn flour, egg and spices, The marinated chicken is deep fried in oil or oven baked by spraying oil on the chicken pieces. Marinating the chicken with the spices and cornflour enhances the taste and the egg gives soft textured layer to the kababs. The kids likes to eat chicken kabab. Since it very easy and simple dish, it can be prepared by anybody easily. The chicken kabab recipe is given in detail.

Bangalore Style Dahi puri

Dahi puri is done in similar way like masala puri chat using same ingredients, but executing the recipe and taste will be different. We usually eat chats outside and spend lot of money on it. Preparing at home is always hygienic and healthy and of course can save lot of money and whole family can sit and enjoy the chat in a beautiful evening. Sitting together and eating always increase the bond between the members in family. In my home we all sit together and share what all happened whole day. A quality time  should be spent with family, so why not with a chat.  

Bangalore style Masala puri

Masala puri is very faous chat or street food in southern india. In different areas we get to eat different taste of masala puri and no where the taste of masala puri matches. So to prepare at home it is very easy. it is always hygienic and money saving though we have to spend some time to prepare it, but trust me, sitting together with family and having home made chat gives such a happiness which you will always cherish.

Khara Pongal

Cooked Rice with moong dal and light spices is known as Khara pongal. Khara means spicy. But it is not a spicy dish, it is very lightly spicy and yummy and even kids can eat it well. It is as same as khichdi. The rice is cooked along with moong dal to get a rice with flowy consistency. This is one of the well known breakfast in south India.The detail of the recipe is provided here.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tandoori Kalmi Kabab

Kalmi kabab- All non vegetarians love to eat Kalmi kabab, it will be yummy. We many time would have ordered kalmi kabab at restaurants and enjoyed a lot and ofcourse will be for sure expensive. But when we prepare it at home, all at home can enjoy kalmi kabab  together  and cost of preparation will be very less. 
Chicken leg pieces/Drumsticks are marinated  with curd and more spices and then cooked on tava or pan. 

Chicken Spicy Dry

Chicken spicy dry, as the name says its spicy and dry. It is prepared along with spices and cooked until the required consistency gravy or the water is evaporated to get a dry dish.
Most of the recipes I have posted is very easy and simple, and so as this too. The detail about the recipe is given below.

Fried Chicken with Salad

Fried chicken with salad. When we say kids wont like eat spicy chicken we can go for fried chicken which is liked very much by kids. Chicken pieces are  just marinated with corn flour along with light spices and deep fried in oil. The taste will very nice, Just to make it up a meal add salad of onion, tomato, avacado, baby carrot, boiled olives and chickpeas along with lettuce.  

Chicken Tikka

Chicken tikka is a chicken recipe and origin may be from kashmir region. And the dish is famous in india neighbouring countries. Tikka means small pieces.Chicken tikka is prepared with the small pieces of boneless chicken marinated with curd and spices, baked or cooked in skewers in a clay oven called tandoor. Though this the actual procedure, I tried preparing the chicken tikka on a pan or tava and it came very tasty and yumm. The detail of the recipe is provided here, do prepare and let me know how it tasted.

Pepper Chicken

Pepper chicken is an amazing tasty dish. We usually order pepper chicken in restaurant and enjoy the taste. I prepared pepper chicken with variations and it came out very tasty. Chicken is marinated with spices along with curd and corn flour to get a nice pepper chicken. Try and check out the taste. The detail of recipe is given below.

Red Chicken

Chicken dry is prepared with lot of red chilli powder and its reddish when cooked so it is Red chicken dry. The red chicken dry is prepared by marinating chicken with all curd and spices, and just stir frying it until it becomes dry.The chicken dry is a very tasty and yet simple recipe for those who are learning cooking. Please try the simple chicken dry dish and let me know your opinion on it.

Horsegram sundal/Huralikaalu Usli

Huralikaalu usli/Horsegram sundal is a very easy yet healthy food.We usually prepare at home and it tastes so good. Do try the recipe. The complete description of recipe is provided below

Hesarukaalu Usli/Green gram sundal

 Green gram sundal/Hesarukaalu usli is a very easy yet healthy food. Boiled green gram are tempering to get a very yummy taste. We usually prepare at home and it tastes so good. Do try the recipe. The complete description of recipe is provided below

Green peas Palya

Green peas palya  will be very tasty dish along with lunch or dinner. Very simple and yummy it is. Main ingredients are green peas, onion and tomato. Try and let me know how you like it.

Green peas Aloo Palya

Green peas along with potato made a very tasty combination. Easy and quickly made this recipe in just 15 minutes. Main inredients are green peas and potato. Very good combination along with chapathi. The complete description of recipe is provided here. 

Baby Lima beans with Carrot

Baby lima beans along with carrot was a nice dish which made a good accompaniment with soft chapathi. Fresh lima beans and carrot being the main ingredients, they were mixed well with other spices to get a very tasty recipe

Avarekaalu usli

Avarekaalu usli/ Surthi papdi/Hyacinth beans sundal is a tasty, easy and quick recipe. It makes a nice side dish along with food or can be good snack in the evening. the procedure is described below

Alasandekaalu Usli/Black eye peas Sundal

Alasande kaalu usli/ Black eyes peas sundal is a tasty , easy and quick recipe. It makes a nice side dish along with food or can be good snack in the evening. the procedure is described below

Andhra style Fish curry

Andhra style Chapala pulusu/Fish curry.This is an authentic andhra recipe to make fish curry. Andhrapradesh is famous for its telugu recipes and they taste so very yummy. I have prepared the pulusu/curry in andhrastyle and recommend to prepare it as it was very tasty dish. Fish pieces are cooked in authentic andhra style masala.

Byadagi Chilli Chicken

My home style Byadagi chilli chicken..That was a yummiest one. The chicken prepared with gravy of lightly spiced red dry chillies, ginger, garlic, clove and cinnamon makes it to taste just wow.
We often do this chicken dish at home and it will be finger licking taste as it is very juicy. Along with rice, or chapathi or roti or any indian bread we like to have byadagi chilli chicken.

Fluffy Egg Omelette

Fluffy egg omelette -  Breakfast/Simple side dish along with food. Egg omelette can be prepared by adding vegetables too. In here I have just added onion, chilli, tomato. I know everywhere in world egg omelette is famous. Just for those want to make it quickly and easily. Procedure is described below

Egg Omelette

Egg Omelette is the recipe which everyone knows to prepare. I like to have an egg omelette with my breakfast, a protein food of course.

Tawa Egg Burji/Scrambled Egg on Tava

Egg Burji/Scrambled Egg made on tawa gives a different taste. It is same as the usually Egg burji we prepare at home. But when we prepare it on Tawa the texture and taste will be extremel awesome. Do try Egg Burji on Tawa and enjoy

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Egg Masala Omelette

Masala egg omelette is a very tasty egg dish. main ingredients are onion, tomato, green chillis, egg and spices. Just mix all the ingredients and make omelette on a tava. For the beginners who want to learn cooking this one of the good one to start with.

Egg Veggies

Egg veggies: Chopped vegetables coated with egg. A very tasty recipe to enjoy... Easy and simple yet tasty. Do prepare this healthy dish. Makes a good combination with roti, bread or as a snack too

Egg Masala

Egg Masala is a spicy gravy spread on boiled egg , this make the boiled egg very yummy. Boiled Egg with spicy masala made with Onion, tomatoes, bell pepper and Indian spices. Quick and tasty.

Egg Kabab

Egg Kabab is a tasty egg recipe. The batter prepared with corn flour and heavy spices. This batter is coated on boiled eggs pieces and deep fried to get kababs

Egg Fried Rice

Egg friend rice is a Chinese recipe . Tasty, easy but yes time consuming because vegetables has to be chopped real fine and with a nice textures/shapes to make the egg fried rice look richer. Vegetables along with egg makes this dish  very tasty. This is real favorite of many people around the world. This fried rice is my version of preparing.

Egg Dum Biryani

Egg Biryani -Basmati Rice flavored with Egg and biryani masala. Biryani is the favorite of people all over the world. The flavor and aroma which comes from biryani will attract you to eat it of course. The full procedure of my version of Egg biryani in pressure cooker is posted here. Do prepare and enjoy

Egg on Dosa

Egg on dosa is very tasty, easy and simple to prepare.This is prepared using Dosa batter and egg/ Usually dosa batter can be prepared and stored in refrigerator for about a week or more. Whenever we feel like eating Egg dosa , it can be easily prepared and enjoyed. Egg spread on the dosa made from lentils and rice..

Egg Burji

Egg burji, an easy and tasty side dish for rice curry or the roti of your choice. I prepare this tasty and easy side dish very quickly when I dont have much time to cook.

Boiled Egg fry

Boiled egg fry is a very basic recipe for the beginners. It is a very tasty recipe to serve. Boiling the egg, cutting it to half and shallow frying with light spices in oil. Just so simple. 

Just boiled egg

Boiled egg ofcourse you may ask is that a dish to explain!!!... Ofcourse an easy recipe.. Just want to say -to get properly boiled it takes 15 minutes on high flame, to get half boiled egg it may just take 8-9 min medium flame. 

Egg Omelette

Egg omelette a plain one. Very easy to prepare and tasty too. Just mix the egg along with spices and make an omelette.