Sunday, January 31, 2021

Chicken Drumsticks Gravy

Chicken Drumsticks gravy is a spicy, delicious, juicy chicken dish which is very easy to prepare with much less effort and very simple ingredients. You can always adjust the spiciness by using less spices.  Chicken drumsticks gravy makes a good combination for roti, parathas, naans and rice too. Do prepare and hope you like it.

Friday, January 29, 2021

Rice (Sonamasuri and Basmathi)

Rice: Making perfect rice in pressure cooker or by the old fashioned method.

Sandwich (Iyengar's Bakery Style open sandwich)

Bakery style sandwich -we would have tasted varieties of sandwiches but this sandwich is prepared in a unique way, by spreading topping on one side of toasted bread and the topping is visible, so it is also known as an open sandwich.
As per my knowledge, It is a popular in bangalore in iyengar's bakery. Not claiming to  be same exact recipe but i have made a bit of variation to the recipe. It is an easy and simple snack to make as the masala topping is applied on one side of bread and toasted on a tava/pan.

Simple Tomato Rasam

Tomato  Rasam - Tomato puree is blended with spices to get a tangy flavored tasty rasam to mix with rice or to drink it as a side dish. This is very easy and can be quickly prepared.

Tomato Dal Rasam

Tomato Dal Rasam  is a tasty curry prepared to mix with rice or to drink it as a side dish too. I have prepared the Tomato dal rasam with variation to taste just like in the way they prepare in marriages.
Tomato is cooked with dal and this puree is blended with light spices to get yummy rasam just like it tastes in marraige functions.Do prepare and hope you like it

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Simple Bhel Puri

Bhel puri is the simplest Chats which can be prepared in very less time. And ofcourse everyone knows to prepare it.  Posting this for those who are learners. Here is the simple bhel puri which I prepared and the Image says it all. The complete recipe is described in the image as well as the post.

Tandoori Mushroom

Tandoori Mushroom- It can also be called as mushroom tikka. Mushroom slices or as a whole is marinated  with curd and more spices. It is cooked oven. This can also be cooked on a pan or tava. 

Baby Beans/Lima beans Gravy

Baby Beans/Lima beans Gravy is a spicy side dish for rotis, naans or can also be mixed with hot rice.
The baby beans are boiled and then mixed with hot mixture of spices to get a yummy gravy.
Do try this recipe and hopefully you like it

Potato Gravy

Potatoes Gravy is a spicy side dish for rotis, naans or can also be mixed with hot rice.
The potatoes are boiled and then mixed with hot mixture of spices to get a yummy gravy.
Do try this recipe and hopefully you like it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Pepper Mushroom Stir Fry

Pepper mushroom stir fry is a very simple and easy dish to prepare in just 10 minutes prepared with mushrooms of your choice, pepper powder, ginger garlic paste, salt and coriander leaves. Pepper here means Black pepper powder.

Mutton Gravy

Mutton gravy is the dish prepared with Goat meat. It will be spicy, tangy, aromatic and awesome taste.
The recipe is for those whose favorite is mutton. It is prepared using Mutton cooked in pressure cooker and then blended with other ingredients/spices.

Paneer Tikka Sandwich

Paneer tikka sandwich was amazing for the tasted like pizza....yummy. Paneer tikka recipe takes about an hour to prepare. But if you already have prepared Paneer tikka,  it will be easy to prepare Paneer tikka Sandwich. Look for paneer tikka recipe in my page or click the link below

Cheese Sandwich

Cheese Sandwich the easiest snack or breakfast. Ready in just 5 minutes. It is easy and can quickly prepare to fill your hungry stomach. It can also be called as mini pizza

Monday, January 25, 2021

Southekaayi Yennegai/Stuffed cucumber

Southekaayi Yennegai/Stuffed cucumber is a dish similar to Gutti Vankaaya Koora/Brinjal/Badanekaayi yennegai. It is an excellent taste gravy for roti, rice, chapathi or mudde [Ragi or jowar flour ball]. This dish is prepared using  Mini cucumbers. cucumber are cut into halves, slit and is filled with  spicy gravy masala and shallow cooked in oil. 
The Recipe is described in detail. Do prepare and enjoy an excellent tasty dish in just 30 min.

Dry Spicy Potato

Dry Spicy Potato is a very simple dish and a good combination for rotis and as side dish for lunch or dinner along with rice , sambar or rasam. You can also use this to prepare potato kaati roll or can use as filling for Samosa too. The complete procedure is described in the post.

Egg Butter Masala


Egg Butter Masala is a recipe which I tried as I got thought of preparing same as paneer butter masala or chicken butter masala. The outcome of the recipe was tasty. 
The main ingredient of Egg butter masala is Egg and butter along with tomato puree, onion and other Indian spices. This makes a good combination with Naan, roti, Chapati, kulcha and many more Indian breads. The complete recipe is described in this post.