Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Potato Slice Roast

Potato Slice roast is a side dish or snack for the tea time. Potato slices are half cooked and marinated with spices and corn flour and again cooked on a tava/pan to get tasty roast.
It is one of the simple, easy and tasty snack or side dish to prepare.

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Butter Fish Fry with Garam Masala

Butter Fish is one of the tasty Fish. They are available in very small and medium sizes.
the butter fish fry will definitely makes your taste buds happy. The preparation is very easy and makes a yummy fish fry. 
This fish fry will have the blend of salty, spicy and tangy tastes. The complete description is provided here. Prepare and do enjoy.

Egg Masala Fry

Egg Masala Fry - Boiled Egg with onion, capsicum, tomatoes and Indian spices. It is an easy recipe and very tasty egg fry. This makes a good combination with Rotis, chapathis and can add on bread to make a sandwich too.

Monday, February 1, 2021

Aloo Jeera

Aloo Jeera
A combination of Potatoes with cumin seeds.It is a very simple dish prepared to eat as a side dish for rice with sambar or rasam or along with rotis/chapathi/naan.

Capsicum/Bellpepper Scrambled Egg/Egg Burji

Capsicum/Bell pepper Scrambled Egg/Egg Burji -Recipe is same as Egg burji 
but we add a lot of Capsicum/Bell Pepper to this dish which gives and entirely different taste than the actual plain egg burji.
Makes a tasty combination as side dish for chapathi and as side dish for any main course.

Kesari Bath

Kesari Bath -It is a sweet dish and very yummy. Easy, simple and less ingredients recipe which can be prepared in 10 to 15 minutes kesari bath is prepared with fine rava/Sooji/Bombay rava along with Sugar and ghee as main ingredients. It is simlar to preparing of Upma. Upma will be salty whereas Kesari bath is sweet.