Saturday, May 27, 2017

Mangalore Fish curry

Fish curry , Mangalore is famous for the fish recipes and one of them is the famous "Mangalore fish curry". The people in coastal side prepares a very different and very taste fish recipes. I made a very small variations and prepared this Mangalore fish curry. It was so delicious. The recipe is very easy, quick and simple to prepare.The detail of recipe is described here.

Preparation time:30-40min

For seasoning:
Tilapia Fish -1kg [Usually they use lady fish, sardine, pomfret]
Coconut milk -2cups
Chopped onion -1/2cup
Chopped tomato-1cup
Crushed Garlic -8cloves
Green chillis-2
Salt to taste
Curry leaves -1sprig
Oil -2tablespoon
vinegar -2tspoons [optional]

For Masala:
Red chillis -4
Kashmiri chilies -6
Grated Fresh coconut -2cups
Turmeric -1/4tspoon
Coriander powder-1/2tablespoon
Cumin/Jeera powder -1tspoon
Raw rice -1tspoon
Onion -1/2
Ginger -1/4inch
Black pepper powder -1/2tspoon
Tamarind concentrate -1tablespoon

[Fish cooks in less than 10minutes or else it may get mashed up, Also adjust the spiciness as per your taste]
  1.  Grind the masala using the ingredients mentioned for masala along with small quantity of water.Make it to smooth paste
  2. Take a kadai , Add oil , when it is hot , add onion and saute well. Add other ingredients mentioned in seasoning except coconut milk one by one and saute.
  3. Add grinded masala. Add the quantity of water required and coconut milk. Let it come to boil. Once it starts boiling check the taste of the curry, if any ingredient required add it and then add fish pieces.close the lid, Let the fish pieces dip well in curry, so that it cooks well. Close the lid and let it cook for 5-8min.
  4. Tasty Fish curry ready to serve with rice.