Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Tender Banana stem palya

Baaledindu palya -Banana Tender stem palya is a very different recipe to prepare and yes it is tasty side dish.
This is a rich source of fibers and have many health benefits. The main ingredient is Banana stem.The banana stem is prepared into variety of recipes in various states in India.
Kerala style is very famous. I have prepared the recipe in Kerala style with variations and hope you like it.The complete recipe description is provided here.

Preparation time:20min
Serves: 6

Banana Stem- 3 cups (1 foot long)
Fresh grated Coconut- 1/2 Cup
Chana dal -1 tspoon
Chopped Green Chilly-3
Turmeric powder- 1 pinch
Mustard seeds- 1/2 tspoon
Curry leaves : 5 to 6
Coriander Leaves
Salt as per taste
Edible Coconut Oil - 1 Table spoon

  1. Remove the outer layers of the stem until you get a tender inner layer which is edible and tender.
  2. Cut the tender part of stem into round disc shapes first, while cutting it you can see that you get thread/ fiber like, remove it by rolling them on your finger.
  3. Cut the round disc shape to small fine pieces and put it in water or  butter milk.
  4. Do the same with whole tender part of stem.
  5. Optional step -To remove more of threadlike fibers you can take some 6 -8 thin skewers or clean broomsticks and just rotate in water/buttermilk which has the fine pieces of stem.the fiber will stick to the skewers/sticks. Just remove it.
  6. Soaking them in buttermilk keeps the stem whitish, or else it turns brown or black.Wash it nicely and drain the water.
  7. Take a pan, add oil, when oil heats,add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, chana dal, curry leaves, chopped green chilies, Mix well.
  8. Add chopped fine banana stem, add salt and turmeric powder and let it cook well. Stir often. If necessary sprinkle some water to assist cooking of stem.
  9. Add grated fresh coconut , let it cook for few minutes.
  10. Garnish with coriander leaves.
  11. You can replace coconut oil with any other cooking oil too.

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