Sunday, May 31, 2020

Raw Jackfruit Kabab

Raw Jackfruit Kabab is a very tasty recipe. It is prepared by marinating Raw jackfruit pieces with a mixture of corn flour, egg and spices, The marinated Raw jackfruit  is deep fried in oil or oven baked by spraying oil on the chicken pieces. Marinating the Raw jackfruit  with the spices and cornflour enhances the taste and the egg gives soft textured layer to the kababs. The kids likes to eat this raw jackfruit  kabab. Since it very easy and simple dish, it can be prepared by anybody easily. In this season you can get the ripen as well as raw jackfruit. The raw jackfruit Kabab recipe is given in detail.
Preparation time: 30min
Servings: 4

For Marination:
Raw jackfruit  - 400gms
Corn flour - 2 tablespooons
Egg -1 (optional for vegetarians)
Red chilli powder-2tspoons
Black pepper powder-1tspoon
Turmeric powder-2 pinch
Ginger garlic paste- 2tspoon
Garam masala -2tspoon
Coriander and Green chilli paste-1tspoon
Food red colour- 1/4tspoon [optional]
Dhaniya powder/Coriander powder-2 tspoons
Tamarind concentrate -2tspoons
Ajinomoto/Taste powder-pinch (optional)
Lemon juice-few drops
Salt to taste
Oil for deep Frying


  1. Make pieces of Raw jackfruit , size as per your choice. Mix all the ingredients mentioned above along with chicken pieces to  marinate. Keep it for 2 to 3 hours or more in refrigerator. Can also marinate Raw jackfruit  at night and keep in refrigerator to use next day.
  2.  Deep fry the marinated Raw jackfruit .
  3. Tasty Raw jackfruit  kabab is ready.

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