Monday, July 17, 2017

Nuggekaayi Saaru/Drumstick curry

Drumstick curry or sambar is very famous in south India for its amazing taste. Drumstick boiled and added to flavorful spicy sambar powder along with dal makes it yummy. It is a great combination for rice and ragi ball. In hotels along with idli chutney or masala dosa , they serve drumstick sambar too. The complete recipe to prepare this awesome sambar or curry is described below. 
Preparation time:30min
Servings: 6cups of curry

Half cooked Drumsticks - 3 cut into 2inch pieces.
Potato half cooked -1[cut into cubes]

For Grinding:
Boiled toor dal -1cup
Fresh grated coconut-1cup
Tamarind-little as per tanginess required
Sambar powder-1tablespoon
Salt as per taste

For Tadka:
Mustard -1/4tspoon
Curry leaves
Oil -3tspoon


  1. Drumstick and potatoes can be half cooked in a cooking bowl adding some quantity of water to immerse vegetables.
  2. Take oil for tadka, add all ingredients mentioned under tadka. Add grinded mixture and boiled drumsticks and potatoes along with water used for cooking vegetables. Cook well. 
  3. Drumstick curry/Nuggekaayi saaru is ready.