Friday, November 18, 2016

Ottu Shavigey

Shavigey [Noodles/Strings of rice flour] is prepared using Rice flour. It is the famous and favorite dish of coastal side of Karnataka. In my house we have ottu shavigey mane [a kitchen appliance to make shavigey], we make lots of shavigey at home. It  is very tasty recipe which even the kids would like to have because of its appearance and texture. I have prepared this shavigey using the chakli maker, along with chakli making disc it also contains a disc with small holes to make sev
or shavigey.
The side dish used for this can be chutney, or coconut kheer or even chicken or fish curry. Shavigey is usually taken for breakfast, but many prepare it for lunch or dinner too.It  is very easy to prepare. The detailed procedure of shavigey is given below. For the recipe of chutney or fish curry or chicken curry look into my recipes index. Hope you prepare and enjoy this elegant dish.

Preparation: 20 min
Serves : 4


Rice flour -2 cups
Oil 1 tspoon
Water- 4 cups

  1. Take a cooking vessel, add 3 cups of water and oil. Bring it to boil[Meanwhile in another bowl keep extra 1 cup water to boil- this we can use if needed during the kneading of dough]
  2. When water in the cooking vessel is  boiling add the rice flour and without mixing it close the lid, cook it for around 4 min in a very slow flame, so that rice flour gets cooked up in water and steam inside as well and switch off the flame.
  3. Open the lid, Using a wooden laddle, knead the rice flour with water well so that there is no lumps formed. If the dough requires more water now you can use the extra water which was kept for boiling. Make a smooth and soft dough of thick consistency.
  4. Aply oil to the inner surface of shavigey maker.Apply oil to idly making plates too.Take a small amount of dough press it using a Hand press Shavigey maker on to idly plate. Fill all the idly plate.
  5.  When it is ready, cook in steam in idly maker for about 3-4 minutes in low flame.
  6. Take a damp cloth and spread in a clean place. Place the cooked shavigey on damp cloth. Close one more damp cloth above that, so that shavigey wont become dry.

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