Sunday, December 3, 2017

Chicken Masala Dry -Sunday Special

Chicken masala dry is an excellent side dish to have along with rice, chapathi, roti or naan. The preparation of the recipe needs very less time with less ingredients which will always be available in kitchen.
It tasted awesome and yummy. I have used the bony parts of the chicken in this recipe.
The detail procedure is described here. Prepare and enjoy this yummy chicken recipe this sunday.

Preparation time: 45min
Servings: 4

Chicken pieces-500gms
Oil-1tablespoon or less
Turmeric powder
Chopped onion-1/2cup
Chopped tomato -1

For masala/Gravy:
Grated fresh coconut -1cup
Green chillies -5
Cilantro/coriander leaves -1cup
Garlic -8 cloves
Ginger -1inch
Coriander powder -2tspoons
Tomato -1
Salt as per taste


  1. Make a coarse or smooth paste of masala using the ingredients mentioned under masala or gravy.
  2. Take a deep pan, when oil is hot add onion and saute until golden.
  3. Add chicken pieces and salt. Close the lid and cook well, if required add small quantity of water. Stir in between.
  4. When the chicken is cooked well, add the masala. 
  5. Cook until the required consistency or until the water evaporates and chicken becomes dry.
  6. Add lemon juice and mix well. 
  7. Serve the hot and  tasty Chicken masala dry.

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