Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Happy Shri Rama navami to all. Paanaka is a juice/beverage prepared using cantaloupe [Karbooja fruit] and Jaggery. Paanaka is prepared in South india during a festival called as 'Shri Rama Navami'. Along with Paanaka, we also prepare Butter milk and Kosambari [a salad of moong dal and cucumber]. Paanaka will be very tasty, healthy and refreshing beverage.
The detail of the recipe is described below.
Preparation time:7 min
Servings:6 glasses

Cantaloupe/Karbooja Fruit - 1/4th of the fruit
Jaggery -2cups or as per sweetness required
Cardamom seeds powder -1/4 tspoon
Water -5 glasses


  1. Remove the skin of the fruit and mash the cantaloupe. Transfer it to a big dish
  2. To the same dish add Jaggery powder and cardamum powder
  3. Add water and mix well so that jaggery gets solubilized in water.
  4. Paanaka ready to serve.
  5. If you need cold paanaka , keep it for some time in refrigerator.
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