Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Butter milk

Butter milk is well known to all. It is a refreshing and healthy beverage for the summer. The recipe is very simple. Buttermilk for sure is favorite of many people around as it is having a refreshing taste. We can prepare plain butter milk as well as masala butter milk.The recipe of plain butter milk  is described below. Butter milk is prepared in drums during summer on 'Rama navami' festival in India and distributed to the people to beat the heat of summer. Along with buttermilk, we also prepare Paanaka and Kosambari.

Preparation time : 5 min
Servings: 5 glasses

Thick Curd -2 cups
Green chilli- 2
Cilantro chopped
Ginger -1/4inch
Salt as per taste
Water -4 glasses


  1. Take the curd in a bowl, add cilantro, ginger paste,green chilli paste or finely chopped green chillies and salt. Beat all together well or put everything in a mixer grinder and grind it.
  2. Add required amount of water and buttermilk will be ready to serve.
  3. For cold buttermilk, keep it in refrigerator for some time.

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