Monday, April 16, 2018


Chakli is a tasty snacks. It is made using rice flour and light spices. It is necessary to knead the dough well to get a perfect crispy chakli. Prepare home made and tasty chakli.... The procedure is described below
Preparation time: 1 hour
Servings: 20 chaklis

Rice flour-2 cup
Moong Dal Boiled in pressure cooker- 1/2 cup (or)Roasted gram powder -1/2cup
Red chilli powder-2tspoon
Jeera/Cumin seeds -2 tspoon
Sesame seeds/ white til - 2tspoon
Salt-as per taste
Oil for Deep Frying


  1. Take rice flour in mixing bowl, Add salt, red chilli powder, sesame seeds, cumin seeds, 2tspoon butter, Mix well
  2. To this add boiled and mashed moong dal or roasted gram powder and mix well.Add small quantity of Knead it well to get very soft dough. Keep aside for 15 minutes
  3. Make dough very soft so that it can be easily pressed when filled in chakli maker.Fill this dough in chakli maker and make chakli shape on a butter paper or aluminium foil.
  4. Keep oil ready for deep frying, when oil is hot put the chaklis slowly and carefully into hot oil. Fry in medium flame for 3 min both sides or until it becomes golden colour and remove from oil.
  5. Once removed from oil, drain the oil on tissue towel.It will be crispy once cooled down.