Monday, April 16, 2018

Dal Usli/Palya/Sundal

Dal sundal or Bele palya is prepared with boiled toor dal. This ia a very taste recipe. Makes a good side dish for chapathi, roti. Simple, tasty and quick recipe to prepare. Do try and you will like it.
Preparation time: 30 min
Servings :For 8 rotis

Toor dal -2 cups
Chopped onion -1 cup
Chopped tomato -1cup
Chopped green chilli -4
Coarse paste of ginger -1/2tspoon
Chopped cilantro -little
Mustard seeds
Jeera/Cumin  seeds
Turmeric powder -1/4tspoon
Salt as per taste
Cooking oil -1tablespoon

Note: Toor dal can be saoked in water for few hours, to speed up the process of cooking it.
 Add toor dal only when water starts boiling

  1. In a vessel, add some quantity of water and let it come to boil. When water is boiling add salt and washed toor dal and cook well to get perfect boiled dal.
  2. Just hold a toor dal between fingers and press hard, if it gets mashed up, thats when u have to switch off the flame and drain the water.
  3. Now take a pan, add cooking oil,when it is hot add mustard seeds, jeera /cumin seeds, crushed ginger, curry leaves chopped green chilli, chopped onions and saute well. add turmeric powder and tomato. saute well.
  4. Add toor dal once tomato is cooked, Add salt but just be careful as the salt is already added to boil toor dal. And its all set to serve.