Friday, January 29, 2021

Rice (Sonamasuri and Basmathi)

Rice: Making perfect rice in pressure cooker or by the old fashioned method.

Preparation time: 20 minutes
Serving: 2cups per serving

Ingredients and Method:
For pressure cooker method
Raw rice- 1cup
Water - 2 cups

  1. To a pressure cooker add  1 cup rice wash it thrice and discard the water.
  2. Add the fresh water 2 cups, put a 1/4 tspoon oil and pinch of salt.
  3. Pressure cook for two whistles and let the pressure subside.
  4. The rice will be ready to serve.
Sona Masuri rice: 2 whistles
Basmati rice :1 whistle

For old fashioned method:
Rice -1 cup
Water -4 cups

  1. Take a cooking vessel. Add cleaned and washed raw rice. Add water 3inches above the rice.
  2. Place on stove and cook it without closing the lid.
  3. It takes around 15-18 minutes in medium flame to cook. Take little rice in a spoon and press it between fingers and check if its done.
  4. Switch off the stove. 
  5. Place a plate on vessel and drain the water completely or can use a colendar to drain water. 
  6. Transfer it to serving bowl.
Sona Masuri rice: 20 -22 minutes cooking
Basmathi rice : less than 18 minutes

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