Thursday, December 29, 2016

Besan Bread/Sandwich

Besan sandwich is a very tasty breakfast or evening snack. Easy and quickly prepared dish.
When a breakfast to be prepared very quickly but should be tasty then here is the one. the detailed recipe is given here.
Preparation time: 8min
Servings: For two

Breads -4 slices
Oil/Butter to shallow fry
Besan/ Gram flour - 4tspoons
Onion chopped -4tspoons
Chopped cilantro -1tspoons
Chopped green chilli -1
Salt as per taste


  1. Take a plate, add the ingredients mentioned above except bread and oil. Add required amount of water to make a thin paste consistency batter.
  2. Roast the bread on both sides. Dip bread into batter/Spread this batter on roasted Bread. Take a nonstick pan, add half tspoon oil or butter, when oil or butter is hot ,Place this bread on pan and shallow fry on both sides in low flame
  3. Hot and tasty Besan sandwich will be ready.