Friday, December 9, 2016


Curd is a dairy product. It is prepared using a coagulating technique called as curdling. The curd is available in stores in different flavors. The plain curd is usually of much use in many Indian dishes. Many have messaged me regarding the setting of curd. Keeping it in mind, I am hereby posting the method which I use daily and this  I got to know from one of my friend. The curd will so very thick and very tasty.

Curd -3tspoon
Sugar -3-4grains


  1. Boil the Milk and Let it become warm
  2. When the milk is warm, add the curd and sugar, mix well using a spoon and keep it in a warm place or in oven.
  3. If you are keeping in oven, Just switch on the oven light for about 6 -7 hours 
  4. Tasty and thick Curd will be ready. Store it in refrigerator.

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