Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Easy cooking of corn in Microwave

Cooking of Corn Stepwise:
Cooking Corn in Microwave. But some people may not prefer cooking in microwave. Those who use microwave, for them here its simple way of cooking corn. We usually boil corn in water along with salt  or will cook in pressure cooker. In just 5 minutes the corn will be cooked in Microwave and here is the procedure. I was seeing some  program in television and got this idea from there.

Keep the corn in Microwave.
Settings: High, 4 min

Start the Microwave. In this 4 minutes corn gets cooked.

Cut the end joined part of corn as shown in image. Check the video below and pull the corn as shown in it. Apply salt, butter and spicy chutney and enjoy the sweet corn.

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