Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Akki Roti/Rice flour Roti

Akki roti/Rice flour Roti is a famous dish in coastal areas of Karnataka. Usually the people of coastal areas have rice roti along with chutney or fish curry or chicken curry. They enjoy the rice roti even if it given continuously for breakfast.The rice roti is prepared in different ways. One of them is described in this recipe.
Preparation time:10min
Servings: 5 rotis

Rice flour -1 cup
Salt -1/2 tspoon
Oil -1 tspoon
Water- 2-3 cups


  1. Take a cooking vessel, add water 1.5 cup, salt and oil. Bring it to boil
  2. Meanwhile in another bowl keep extra 1 cup water to boil- this we can use if needed during the kneading of dough
  3. When water in the cooking vessel is  boiling add the rice flour and without mixing it close the lid, cook it for around 3 min in a very low flame, so that rice flour gets cooked up in water and steam inside as well and switch off the flame.
  4. Open the lid, Using a wooden ladle, knead the rice flour with water well so that there is no lumps formed. If the dough requires more water now you can use the extra water which was kept for boiling. Make a smooth and soft dough of thick consistency ready to make roti.
  5. Take a orange size of dough press it using a roti maker or rolling pin - by keeping the dough in between oil applied thin plastic cover.
  6. Remove the roti from cover and cook both sides on tava.
  7. When the roti is half cooked on both sides remove it from tava and cook it quickly for few seconds on both sides,directly on gas stove flame.
  8. Remove the roti to a plate and serve with chutney or veg curry or non veg curry.