Thursday, October 6, 2016

Brinjal Tomato chutney/pachadi

Tomato brinjal chutneys are prepared in many ways and this is one of them. I tried it at home as a side dish for wheat dosa and it made a good combination. 
Chutney is a sauce in indian cuisine which can be a lentil chutney or vegetable chutney or tomato sauce or can also be a dip.
The detail recipe of brinjal tomato chutney is described in this post
Preparation time:15min

Brinjal -3
Tomato -2
Green chilli -2
Garlic -4 cloves
Tamarind -half marble size [optional]
Oil for shallow frying

For tadka:
Oil -3tspoons
Mustard seeds-1/4tspoon
Urad dal -1/4tspoon
Red chilli -1


  1. Take pan, add oil -once its hot add chopped brinjal and fry it until its soft. Transfer to a bowl. Now to same pan add litttle oil and when its hot ,add green chilli and garlic, fry for few minutes and    transfer to the same bowl.Now to same pan add litttle oil and when its hot ,add chopped tomatoes and fry until its soft.Transfer all these to a mixer with salt and grind it to rough paste and transfer to a bowl
  2. Now add tadka to the above said brinjal tomato paste and mix well.