Saturday, October 15, 2016

Mutton keema Curry-version 1

Keema means a  traditional south Asian meat food. Keema curry is a well known recipe. It is prepared using minced lamb meat, which is blended with roasted gram, egg and spices and made to lemon sized balls.Keema balls prepared this way  is again cooked in spiced curry along with onion and tomatoes.It is a amazing curry to mixed with rice and eat. Most of the people also eat this as side dish for Naan, roti, chapathi and Dosa. The keema is also used as stuffing for samosa or kachori.

Prepartion time :45min


For Kheema balls:
Lamb meat Kheema -500gms
Green chilli -5
Clove -2
Cinnamon -1/2inch
Bengal gram/roasted chana dal -50gms
Coriander seeds powder -2tspoons
Garlic -6cloves
Ginger -little
Dill leaves [Optional]
Salt as per taste
Egg -1 

For Curry Masala:
Coconut grated -1 cup
Ginger - 1/2 inch
Garlic -5 cloves
Clove -2
Cinnmon -1/4 inch
Coriander powder -2tspoon
Red chilli powder -2 tspoon
Salt as per taste

For tempering:
curry leaves

Avarekaalu/surti papdi [optional and if available]

[Be careful while adding salt as its used both in curry masala and keema balls]

  1. Add all the ingredients mentioned above for keema balls in a blender [use keema blending blade] except eggs. Once the ingredients are completely Grind and blended,add egg. it gives a nice binding for keema balls and avoids them from breaking when added to curry. Make Keema balls of lemon size, Keep it ready in a plate.
  2. Grind all the ingredients mentioned in curry masala.
  3. Take a kadai/cooking vessel - add 2 tspoons of oil, mustard seeds and curry leaves.Then add the grinded curry masala. add required amount of water.Bring it boil.When the curry is boiling add the Keema balls into it slowly. Dont stir it. Leave it for few minutes. Once its hard and sure enough it wont break, then can slowly stir from sides. Switch off the stove when keema balls are cooked well.
  4. Enjoy the tasty Keema curry with rice, roti , idli, dosa, chapati.