Monday, October 10, 2016

Bitterguard spicy Pickle/Haagalakai Uppinakaai

Bitter guard is very healthy vegetable, including it in daily food is very good for health. And it is very healthy for those having Diabetes. Preparing bitter guard all the day is not possible but when we make a pickle from it, yes it is possible to eat it daily. 
The preparation of pickle is very simple and yummy. The detail is provided here, do prepare and have a healthy day.


Bitterguard small - 2
Garlic paste -1tspoon [optional]
Lemon juice/concentrate - 1tablespoon
Salt -6tspoon
Red chilli powder- 4tspoons
Oil -1tablespoon


  1.  Wash the bitterguard, wipe with tissue towel.
  2. Cut the Bitterguard to thick slices. spread on plate and keep it in sun for 1hour, so that it wont have more water content
  3. Transfer this to a glass jar, add the Salt,Lemon juice, garlic paste mix well and close the lid.
  4. Do not open the lid for around 2 days. Each day just shake the jar to mix the ingredients well.
  5. Now add red chilli powder and oil [heated and cooled] Leave it for a day and enjoy the spicy pickle.
  6. Refrigerate the pickle for good shelf life.