Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Butter Naan

Naan is a north Indian flat bread.Naan is usually oven baked or in restaurants they use tandoor, a clay oven to prepare it. It is served with curries and gravies.I tried Naan on tava or dosa pan. it came out well. Soft from inside and light crisp from outside complimented each other well. Its very very easy and you will enjoy preparing it at home. When we prepare and serve a dish to the family and guests, which is usually available only at restaurants gives us immense happiness.

Preparation time:10min
Serves: 5

Maida or All purpose flour- 500gms
Butter for brushing on Naan
Baking powder/Baking Soda -1/2tspoon
Warm milk -1 cup
Oil -2tspoons
Curd/Yogurt to make dough
Salt as per taste

  1. Take a big mixing bowl, seive maida, baking powder/soda,powder salt.Mix well
  2. Add Oil and mix well to coat the flour.
  3. Add milk and yogurt to the flour and knead well to make a soft dough.
  4. Wrap the bowl with wrapping plastic or cover, keep it aside in warm place for fermentation.
  5. After 6 hours, Remove the wrap. Knead the dough again.
  6. Take an orange size of dough and roll it to roti/Naan (but not too thin).
  7. When pan is hot, Apply water on roti and place that side of roti/Naan on pan/tava.
  8. Take a fork and immediately prick at different parts lightly on Naan.(Observe prickings on Naan in image)
  9. Close the lid,cook for 1 to 2 min and turn on other side, close the lid and cook again.
  10. Open the lid, now apply or brush or spray butter on Naan. Remove from tava/Pan.
  11. Naan is ready to serve.

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