Saturday, October 15, 2016

Spicy Lemon Pickle

Most of the time seen people use lot of ingredients and tedious procedure to make a perfect pickle. But making pickle is very easy and it will have more shelf life too. As many people asked me to make a simple pickle, I prepared the pickle and it was very tasty. Lemon pickle can be prepared with or without red chilli powder. Both the both the version is posted in my website.

Preparation time:10min
Serves : As per the use

Lemon - 5
Garlic -12clove
Green chillies-8
Crushed mustard -1tspoon
Ginger -1inch
Salt -10tspoon
Oil-1tablespoon [heated and cooled]
Methi/Fenugreek seeds powder- 1/2pinch

Red chilli powder- 1tablespoon

  1. Cut the lemon, garlic, green chillies, ginger into small pieces. [Ginger garlic can also be added as paste]
  2. Transfer this to a glass jar, add the Salt, mix well and close the lid.
  3. Do not open the lid for around 8-10 days. Each day just shake the jar to mix the ingredients well.
  4. In 10 to 12 days lemon will become soft.
  5. Add red chilli powder, 1/2pinch methi powder, 1tspoon crushed mustard and heated & cooled Oil to the glass jar of lemon pieces and mix well again.
  6. Can use instantly. but after 2-3 days lemon pickle tastes spicy and yummy.
  7. After adding all the spices, keep it in room temperature for 2days so the lemon absorbs the spices and then store in refrigerator for more freshness and shelf life