Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Egg on Dosa

Egg on dosa is very tasty, easy and simple to prepare.This is prepared using Dosa batter and egg/ Usually dosa batter can be prepared and stored in refrigerator for about a week or more. Whenever we feel like eating Egg dosa , it can be easily prepared and enjoyed. Egg spread on the dosa made from lentils and rice..

Preparation time: 5 min
Servings: 1 egg dosa in one serving

For Dosa:
Baking soda-1/4tspoon
Salt as per taste
Rice- 500gms [washed and Soaked in water for 5-6hours]
Urad dal -100gms
Chana dal- 75gms
Puffed rice/Avalakki -2tspoons[soaked in water for just 3 minutes]

For red chutney:
Roasted chana dal-2tspoon
Red chilly -4 to 5
Salt as per taste
Ginger-1/4 inch
Garlic -1 

Red chilly powder
Black pepper powder


  1. Urad dal, chana dal can be soaked together for 5 to 6 hours and then grind to smooth paste.
  2. Grind the rice and puffed rice together, along with water to get pourable consistency batter. After grinding keep it in warm  place to get fermented. [Do not add salt and baking soda at this point] Batter should be not too thick or not too thin.
  3. Before making Dosa ,add baking soda and salt a small amount , Mix well.
  4. Red chutney: add all ingredients mentioned under red chutney in a blender and grind with small quantity of water.
  5. Keep stove in slow flame. When tava is hot , sprinkle some water, When water evaporates, just pour dosa using the batter [spread it in circle], Apply lightly red chutney. Break an egg on Dosa and spread it well on dosa as shown in image, sprinkle black pepper powder or red chilli powder and cilantro/coriander leaves. Close the lid for 2 min. 
  6. Turn Dosa to cook the egg on other side.
  7.  Enjoy dosa with chutney. For chutney check out my chutney recipes